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LAZEN was founded in 2004, when two amateur skaters (with absolutely no potential) started playing the piano together after their skate sessions and found out that it hurts much less. Being stronger and not willing to share the piano, Mr. ° managed to convince Gilbert Jibber-Jabber to switch to the guitar.
Suddenly a whole bunch of guys appeared and wanted to make music with them. But being very wise, Mr. ° and Gilbert allowed only captains to join their jam-sessions. In 2006 there was only one captain left, Captain Marvin the blond. He decided to join and play the drums.
Being in three now they needed a name, which turned out to be LAZEN. And with the name came the first concerts and in 2007 a fourth guy - the famous business man Lawrence Johnny Bacon. Being very strong he could have chosen any instrument (even the piano), but strangely he decided to take the bass. As he noticed his fatal mistake he tried to compensate by playing the saxophone, but without much satisfaction. From that time on he spent his free hours planning a mutiny to stop the power of the pianist.
Being often accused of playing too loud Marvin instantly became enthusiastic when he heard about Johnny’s plans. The mutiny took place in summer 2008 after many successful concerts and their first album called REINVENTING THE BLUES. It lasted a whole year, but then the band celebrated their reunion with a bike trip, when they rethought the concept.
Thinking it was harmless the three non-pianists gave Mr. ° an ukulele. Marvin realised his drums were really pretty loud, so he built himself a cajon. Johnny decided to give up the saxophone and stuck to the bass. Gilbert, also wanting to change something (but not to overdo it), added a bottleneck and a kazoo to his equipment. It took them almost two years until they have learned to play with their new instrumentation and have written a new programme, which now was acoustic or (how experts call it) unplugged. They called it TEA FOR BEGINNERS and are now on the road presenting it to whoever listens carefully.


LAZEN - tea for beginners

LAZEN - Tea for Beginners

LAZEN, a very talented group of young musicians, is proud to present their new acoustic progam
- TEA FOR BEGINNERS - a masterpiece in four acts and forty two verses featuring four good-looking
fellows rocking the blues, jazzy sketches, classical interludes and other experimental stuff.
If you are into chocolate drugs, universal pigs or scientific research about legendary tea bags then come in and enjoy the show!

year: 2011, label: none
buy: CHF 23.- incl. shipping, to order this album please send me a mail to captain(at)

LAZEN - reinventing the blues

LAZEN - Reinventing the Blues

LAZEN released their first album back in 2007, a great album with 18 tracks including some of their best hits
such as "C'est égal, Sad Life and Mi Badmantu"

year: 2011, label: none
buy: the album was limited to 100 pieces and is completely sold out..


Here you can download our tracks from our videos and the "lazenmusic presents" section. Enjoy!!

There she goes


A song for a spider

Maria I (live at MFO-Park)

Maria II (live at MFO-Park)

Universal Pigs (live at MFO-Park)

Under My Pillow (old)

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