The project

The Problem

My old Kenwood amplifier that I bougth from a “Brokenstube” gives a good sound but the volume potiometer has a defective contact at certain positions and this makes ugly and unwanted sounds like “schsktzpfsch” when turing the knob.

The inner life of a Kenwood KR-3200

So my first step today was to open this magic box up and find the potiometers I want to repair. Here some nice pics of the amplifier

Kenwood KR-3200 front view 1 Kenwood KR-3200 front view 2 Kenwood KR-3200 top view

To access the potiometers I had to unloose the screws of the bottom plate of the amp and voila the bottom view of Kenwood KR-3200: Kenwood KR-3200 bottom view

Finally, here we see the potiometers, now easily accessible for a repair: Kenwood KR-3200 front view 1

The radio unit is very interesting to see: Kenwood KR-3200 potiometers

The music to do such things

For this afternoon I listened to a very old elton john mixtape from my mom, wonderful! Today, this was the perfect sound to me for spending my afternoon in the atelier.

Status of the project

Status on sunday, 16.03.2014: I found out what potiometer I need to replace and read about different options how I could repair the old one. Some people talk of using a spray to fix it, but before I ruin everything I will as someone who really knows such things..

Status one week later: I bougth contact spray at Pusterla in Zurich and used it to fix the potis. I works well and now the amp plays music at any desired volume without any scratch sounds. Done.

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