About the project

The idea to “Happy on drums” came to my mind when I was playing the drums one day. I think it was on that day when I used for the first time my crazy in-ear headphones from shure.

But now let’s talk about it:

Happy by Patent Ochsner

There is this song “Happy” by the fameous band Patent Ochsner on the album “The Rimini Flashdown”. It’s a reall nice song, melancholic and the recording has this naturally sound, a touch you will find in diffrent ways on all the Patent Ochsner albums.

captainmarvintheblond likes the song

I really like this song and have my own relationship to it. Patent Ochsner was always a important friend to me, the music of this band was and is still in my life, I enjoy every new album, listen to the change and their way they go. Nevermind, what I want to say: I like the song!

Status of the project

The mixing and mastering of the audio is finished. The video part is finished! I learned in these day that Final Cut X has a function to syncronize video clips with audio material, how to not lose my mind and get completely lost with some stupid things in this software, and a lot more.. cool!


There the final output of the project, enjoy!

How this has been done


Bandraum Leutschenbach with the following mics:
2 Overheads (Behringer condensor mics)

1 Snare-mic (Sennheiser MD421!)

1 Bassdrum-mic (shitty noname product)

All plugged into my StudioLive 16.0.2 from Presonus and then recorded with Logic Pro.

Mixing and mastering:###

For mixing and mastering I use Logic Pro.


For the video part I try to learn how to work with Final Cut Pro X. But right now I do not really know jet what I am doing, this software is good, shurely, but complicated and has a lot of stupid things you do not need really.. smile.

© captainmarvintheblond, 2013