Date: 13.08.2017
Place: Zurich Time:18:41
Updated photo galleries with new photos from this summer and the new category B&W :
Last year I started to work on black & white photography in the labor and now I finally made it to digitize some of that stuff. Also I uploaded some new portraits I did over this summer. Looking forward to do more of it and I hope you like it! :)


Date: 15.03.2016
Place: VEROLAVECCHIA (somewhere in Italy) Time:07:14
New photo gallery online:
What to do on a sleepless morning: Update your photogallery! So I did with with photos from my semester abroad in DELFT and of my recent travels.

Date: 20.02.2016
Place: DELFT Time:12:04
ERASMUS in DELFT: One more time..!
Here we are again and I am doing my ERASMUS in DELFT under the motto: One more time! Delft and it's people are amazing, TU Delft has around 30 percent international students from all over this beautiful world. I have added some impressions of Den Haag on our first weekend trip to my photography gallery, see below one of the shots. And I finally released my latest project, the song "OUT OF LINE" is now online and you can listen to it on my Soundcloud account, check it out here:

The Hague 5

Date: 15.03.2015
Place: ZURICH Time:23:03
New photo category online:
I updated my photogallery with a new category called: "SWISS". Photos will be uploaded in future..

Date: 13.09.2015
Place: ZURICH Time:16:36
The past is gone, welcome to the moment
I updated my photogallery with a lot of photos from the past.. Meanwhile I live in the moment, luz y amor, like Santana would say.

Barcelona Beach

Date: 15.03.2015
Place: ZURICH Time:23:03
New photo category online:
I updated my photogallery with a new category called: "SWISS". Photos will be uploaded in future..

Date: 25.01.2015
Place: VORIMHOLZ Time:13:51
New Photos online:
I updated my photogallery with some colour shots from this new year:


Contemporary Art

Winter Sun

Date: 11.01.2015
Place: ZURICH Time:13:53
New Photos online:
I updated my photogallery with some b/w shots from last year:


Isabelle et Felix


Date: 04.12.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:11:21
Valley of Gold:
Some weeks ago Pascal Schmidt came to my studio to record his poetryslam named "Valley of Gold", you can listen to it online on the album "Arising to Serve", Track Nr. 9, see below:

We used a AKG C-3000B mic for this recording, without any mixing or mastering. I hope you enjoy the slam!

Date: 16.11.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:21:38
The stereo:
I updated my stereo, now it looks like this:

The Stereo

I am happy with it, now I can listen to vinyl again, finally! A lot of other things are happening, simultaneously, for shure.. not possible to tell the whole story, need to go home and sleep anyway. cheers!

Date: 13.10.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:23:30
New things online:
A few more strange typing, see here under gallery --> typing: EIN MANN ISST EINE BANANE, ROMAN ÜBER DAS LEBEN, FINDE DEN SINN DES LEBENS
Then I rearranged the projects folder and gave it the same style as the gallery.. fun.
Whats going on:
I spend a lot of time in my studio, new mics on the drums and a lot of new projects in logic. One of them is the cover of "Summertime Sadness" from Lana del Rey. The idea to do this cover came during a session with DJ Orbeat. In a few weeks you will here and maybe see more..
Last saturday we recorded a poetryslam at the rockthefrog studio. I hope soon it will be available for download, so check it out later..

Date: 13.08.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:13:25
Suche: Modell für Portrait/Akt/Teilakt-Fotografie auf Basis TFP

Ich suche ein Modell im Raum Zürich für Portrait/Akt/Teilakt-Fotografie.

Du solltest deine eigene persönliche Ausstrahlung und ein klares Selbstbild von dir selbst haben. Der Ablauf eines Shootings:

- Ein Treffen zur Vorbesprechung des Shootings, gemeinsam erarbeiten wir was der genaue Inhalt des Shootings sein soll, was für Aufnahmen dir gefallen, ob digital oder analog, in Schwarzweiss oder Farbe, die Location etc.) Es ist mir wichtig das vorher festzulegen, damit du dich beim Shooting sicher und wohl vor der Kamera fühlst.

- Treffen zum Shooting am vereinbarten Tag. Nach dem Shooting besprechen wir die Aufnahmen gemeinsam.

- Da ich kein Profi bin arbeite ich auf TFP Basis, d.h. du erhälst von mir Abzüge der besten Aufnahmen des Shootings, auf Wunsch auch den noch nicht entwickelten Film direkt nach dem Shooting.

Ich freue mich auf deine Anfrage per Mail an captain(ät)

Date: 15.06.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:23:06
Last weekend I spent my time together with a friend or two in the mountains of jura. We finished our work on the wall 2.0. At night this we made this portrait, it's all blurred out, but I like it.'


Date: 04.06.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:20:38
A new picture I took at Zurich central station some days ago. It's a good question and I like the mirror effect in this shot.

Wie lange noch

Date: 01.05.2014
Place: ZURICH Time:21:17
A rainy day in Zurich. I added new pictures from my journey through winter and spring 2014 in the photography gallery.. check it out!


Date: 16.03.2014
Place: Vorimholz Time:21:48
Spent my day at my parents home in the atelier, trying to repair some potiometers of my old Kenwood KR-3200 amplifier. See under projects for some nice pictures of this old fashioned electronic device..

Kenwood KR-3200 top view

Date: 11.03.2014
Place: Zurich Time:14:49
Back in Zurich, ready for a change, I listen to classic music and make my plans for the next few weeks.

Date: 16.02.2014
Place: Vorimholz Time:13.47
I updated the photography section with some nice memories to last summer, all analog and no cheating with photoshop.. listening to The Wake up, I am on my way to wake up.. :-)

Date: 27.10.2013
Place: Vorimholz Time:23.17
New video out right now! Enjoy..

Date: 27.10.2013
Place: Vorimholz Time:00.29
During the last days I updated the following sections:
Projects --> Music
Projects --> old Projects
Projects --> My you tube
Projects --> Climate Change
Gallery --> Typing
Links --> some links
The song of the day is: Strange Kind Of Woman from Deep Purple! Right now I listen to Uriah Heep, live at Sweden Rock, just crazy good! Good night.

Date: 29.09.2013
Place: Zurich Seebach Time:17.09
Today I wrote something completely new: recipes/soup_of_the_day_nr1 for my friend Fred in Lisbon. What a weekend!? Not long ago I did'nt even have one.. I hope Fred will read the recipe and give me some feedback.. :-)

Date: 24.09.2013
Place: Zurich Seebach Time:0.40
Updating "Happy on Drums" and all the other projects are now a little bit more organized.. this helps. The internet is broken (is this correcto?)! but since I can work offline on my website (how cool is that) this does not count at all. I miss lisbon! Nothing to declare and nothing to complain, now it's time for bed.

Date: 22.09.2013
Place: Biel/Bienne bench in front of train station Time:19.10
Updating "other Artwork" with BLUTTI BUTTENI and LOOK AT YOURSELF. Enjoying my home alone after sleeping the last night outside in the garden. I spend a long time packing for Zurich, now I am ready for the big city, let's go!

Date: 22.09.2013
Place: Vorimholz Time:17.11
Updating "other Artwork" with BLUTTI BUTTENI and LOOK AT YOURSELF. Enjoying my home alone after sleeping the last night outside in the garden. I spend a long time packing for Zurich, now I am ready for the big city, let's go!

Date: 14.09.2013
Place: Lisbon, Viewpoint over the city Time:13.54
Updating "Review of Lisboa's Food" and the picture gallery entrance site. Behind me a Tourist is talking wonderful GERMAN. Lipton IceTea EUR 1.50

Date: 13.09.2013
Place: Lisbon, Poetes Hostel Time:11.17
Going online for the first time! And captain(ät) is my new e-mail adress!

Date: 12.09.2013
Place: Lisbon, Poetes Hostel Time:12.11
Oh yeah, let's go with markdown, with little progress but happy.. On the afternoon, I'll go to the beach! :-)

Date: 30.08.2013
Place: Vorimholz Time: 23.22
Updating the photography gallery, phu, this takes a lot of time!

Date: 10.08.2013
Place: Vorimholz Time: 16.??
Hello, right now I got it right and everything (of course only the page, not everything in life) seems to work.
Let's go.. :-)

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