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the story behind LOOK AT YOURSELF

The materials###

A long time ago I had to go to the conscription of the swiss military. During two or more days everyone gets scanned, they make a series of tests with you (sports and psychology). In the medical tests they make a chest radiograph of you, if you want or not, doesn’t matter. After years they send it to you, so this is how I got to my radiograph.
The mirror has also it’s own story. I found it near my student appartment in Zurich Oerlikon, where they were renovating a city block. One could also say I stole it, but I think all the stuff in the garden was about to leave for the trash, so I took this one mirror.

The combination###

I taped the chest radiograph on the mirror with transparent tape. Easy, isn’t it?

What it means to me###

Since more than two years I have some problems with my back. Nothing really bad, just my back dosn’t feel very good. I try to make as much sport (swimming, running, squash, volley) as I can with my studies taking all the time, but the situation never really changed. With LOOK AT YOURSELF I can stand bare chest in front of this mirror and see my chest from outside and inside at the same time, it’s freeky!


chest radiograph taped on mirror.

Look at yourself 1

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