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the story behind BLUTTI BUTTENI

The name “BLUTTI BUTTENI”###

The little artwork I call BLUTTI BUTTENI has a funny story behind. First of all, do you know what “blutti butteni” means? The first time I heard this strange name was when I talked with my friend TURRON. He knows a lot about swiss german words and talks just like I do, he’s a brother! I can not remember how we got in our discussion to this, but nevermind, the name BLUTTI BUTTENI simply means “bare breats” in plural (so mostly two or any multiple of two breasts) in swiss german from the region Valais. This was the start.

The idea and how I made this###

Let’s not exagerate with the story and continue. One week after the first time I got in touch (literary!) with BLUTTI BUTTENI, I worked together with Daniele Dottore Betonnista Intonaco on the INTONACO BIOCALCE project. After a long morning working with Intonaco, I had all of a sudden the idea to make a BLUTTI BUTTENI out of the Intonaco remains, that we could not use any more for the wall (you have to clean all your tools and the platform you stand on before lunch). The rest was just fantasy and use of some memories, and yes of course we were talking about womankind and love this morning, what else should to hard working men do while rendering the walls of an old cellar. To make this artwork I used the normal tools you use to render a roughcast wall with intonaco.


intonaco on natural stone.

Blutti Butteni 1

Blutti Butteni 2

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